Bat Surveys for renovation & repair

Bat Surveys for renovation & repair

Bats roost in surprising places – not just attics, but in crevices under loose slates or between bricks, even in cavity walls. Whilst large roosts may be clearly identifiable, the majority are unknown until identified by a professional survey.

Bats in the UK are threatened and legally protected, as are their roosts. If you are planning work which could impact on a bat roost you are expected to find out if bats may be present before commencing. If planning consent is required the planning authority will usually require a survey to be carried out, if it’s possible roosting bats could be present.

Whilst rural areas tend to be home to a greater range of bat species, several species are usually present in urban and suburban areas. 16% of urban buildings we surveyed in 2018-20 had roosting bats, as did 58% of rural properties.

Bats play in important part in our ecosystem, consuming huge numbers of pest insects, yet they’re highly vulnerable. Commissioning a bat survey is a great way to ensure you play your part in protecting biodiversity and keeps you safe from possible prosecution.

Bat surveys are seasonal, so it’s important to plan ahead. David Dodds Associates are Scotland’s leading bat specialists. Whether you need a full quotation, or just some informal advice, get in touch at the outset.

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